Towards London

Episode 107: The Voyages of the Social Enterprise

October 2, 2018

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Featuring stories of social innovation across the spectrum in London, we have conversations with Goodwill Industry's Michelle Quintyn, Pillar Nonprofit's Michelle Baldwin, and London Community Foundation's Martha Powell.

Links from the Episode

Edgar & Joe's

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Michelle Quintyn - Goodwill Industries of Great Lakes

  • Michelle's Twitter:
  • Goodwill Industries (Great Lakes) Website:
  • Goodwill Industries Twitter:
  • Goodwill Industries Facebook:
  • Goodwill Industries Instagram:

Michelle Baldwin - Pillar Innovation Network & Innovation Works

  • Michelle Baldwin Twitter:
  • Pillar Nonprofit Network Website:
  • Pillar Nonprofit Network Facebook:
  • Pillar Nonprofit Network Twitter:
  • Innovation Works Website:
  • Innovation Works Facebook:
  • Innovation Works Twitter:
  • Innovation Works Instagram:
  • Verge Capital Website:

Martha Powell - London Community Foundation

  • London Community Foundation Website:
  • London Community Foundation Facebook:
  • London Community Foundation Twitter:


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